Luis is The Architect behind this project. After 40 years of experience in the shoe industry and responsible for the production of several millions of shoes he decided that the time is right for making the difference through an ecological and vegan project.
Results of the market analysis showed a gap in trendy ecological sneakers since: the trendy sneakers are not ecological and the ecological ones are not trendy.
Luis started right away handpicking the right people.
Design as the main concern was assigned to a gifted young Portuguese Designer with international distinctions that already collaborated with leading brands like felipe oliveira baptista or Louis Vuitton: João Pedro Filipe totally embodied the concept and brought new ideas and creative energy.
He also brought Guilherme to the project, a Junior Brand Manager with international experience in Auditing and Consultancy in several different areas and countries. His solid fashion background comes from Milan's best executive Master in Fashion Management. He dreams the future and insures a clear direction.

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